3D Printing Eindhoven

3D Printing Eindhoven

3D Printing Eindhoven

3D Printing Eindhoven

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The Eindhoven University of Technology, together with local architecture studio Houben & Van Mierlo Architecten, is planning to create the world’s first commercial 3D-printed housing project

How they are going to build a 3D printed house in Eindhoven: The basics of 3D printing3D printing is a process when material is melted, joined and solidified with the help of a 3D printer

Eindhoven University of Technology has announced plans to 3D print a series of concrete houses that will be made available to rent. In what is being described as a world first, the Dutch

The growth in 3D printing is undeniable as the technology takes hold in businesses and labs around the world. 3D printers have made their way into the world’s top research facilities and many of 3D Printing Eindhoven

National and international media attention. The 3D concrete printed houses have a lot of national and international media attention. A long list of international top media has

Process & Application Development Center launched during visit of the Singapore President to Eindhoven. Read more; At the last day of FormNext, the number 1 global tradeshow for 3D printing in Frankfurt, Intech has confirmed its first order of the Additive Industries MetalFAB1 system. Read more

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Eindhoven is a hot spot for 3D-concrete printing, with the research group of concrete technology professor Theo Salet and its concrete printer as pivotal elements. The group recently printed world’s first 3D-printed concrete bridge for cyclists in the village of Gemert 3D Printing Eindhoven

During Dutch Design Week there is an event for the building world about 3D concrete printing at TU Eindhoven on 22 October, with the new concrete printer and the 3DCP project central. More than 400 companies and organizations have already registered, and

TU Eindhoven has itself undertaken 3D printed concrete projects on its own giant concrete 3D printer, including a 3D printed concrete bicycle bridge made in conjunction with the Royal BAM Group

3D printing, no matter the purpose, has showstopping appeal. Just about everything one can produce with a 3D printer is amazing–and it’s no secret that makers love to show off what they can do

back in june, the eindhoven university of technology, in collaboration with construction group BAM infrastructure, began construction on a 3D-printed concrete bicycle bridge measuring 8 metres 3D Printing Eindhoven

In the city of Eindhoven (The Netherlands) five 3D-printed concrete houses will be built. The project is the world’s first commercial housing project based on 3D-concrete printing

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3D Printing Eindhoven