3D Printing Objet

3D Printing Objet

3D Printing Objet

3D Printing Objet

Stratasys is the global leader in 3D printing and additive solutions, materials and services – 3D Printing Objet delivering speed, innovation, performance and customization

Objet Polyjet 3D Printers PolyJet is a powerful 3D printing technology that produces smooth, accurate parts, prototypes and tooling. All Objet 3D Printer systems use Objet’s FullCure® materials to create accurate, clean, smooth, and highly detailed 3D printed models 3D Printing Objet

Objet‘s newest multi-material 3D printer, the compact Objet260 Connex – based on the company’s patented inkjet 3D printing technology and the world’s only system able to jet two materials at the

Powered by PolyJet technology, the Objet Pro 30 offers eight different 3D printing materials, among them clear, high-temperature and simulated polypropylene, and features ultra high print resolution so you get smooth surfaces, small moving parts and thin walls

Polyjet (Objet) What is Polyjet? Polyjet, short for Polymer Jetting, is an inkjet process for 3d printing and was created by Objet Geometries around 1998. In 2011, Objet merged with Stratasys. Also known as Objet, Polyjet creates very smooth and accurate parts due to printing in very small layer sizes

Polyjet 3D Printers. Polyjet 3D Printing technology was developed by the Israeli company ObjetGeometries Ltd, that was merged with Stratasys in 2011. Objet Geometries owned more than 50 patents on material associated with the Polyjet polymer jetting technology 3D Printing Objet

Objet Eden260VS Bring precision prototyping to your office. Objet30 Prime Explore new possibilities for desktop 3D printing. Objet30 Pro Big performance with a small footprint. Production Series. The Production Series offers the capacity and material variety to

Eight different 3D printing materials, such as clear, high-temperature and simulated polypropylene, … So that you can build high-quality, accurate 3D models, Objet Studio automatically transforms STL and SLC files from any 3D CAD application into 3D modeling slices, including both build material and support

Objet Studio Software guarantees that your models are printed smoothly and accurately. 3d printingPrices for Stratasys’ line of 3d printers range from $6,000 – $750,000 depending on the functionality, print materials and size of prints. 3D Printer Prices – Low End – Starting at $6K Idea Series 3D Printers: Mojo uPrint SE/uPrint SE Plus

PolyJet 3D printing is considered one of the fastest 3D printing technologies commercially available. Parts within a five-inch cube can print within as little as two hours. PolyJet prints in the thinnest layers of any 3D print process and that means less visible layer lines for smooth, detailed parts 3D Printing Objet

Stratasys, Ltd. is an American manufacturer of 3D printers and 3D production systems for office-based rapid prototyping and direct digital manufacturing solutions. Engineers use Stratasys systems to model complex geometries in a wide range of thermoplastic materials, including: ABS , polyphenylsulfone (PPSF), polycarbonate (PC) and ULTEM 9085

Objet DurusWhite is a material which has similar properties to polypropylene. Rigid Opaque photopolymer – provide excellent detail visualisation in gray, black, white and blue. You can 3D printaccurate, attractive prototypes that test fit, form and function, even for moving and assembled parts

Stratasys’ Objet Eden260V 3D printer has won Dental Advisor magazine’s 2014 product award for top innovative equipment. It was the only 3D printer honored in the magazine’s annual “Product Award” list for the second year in a row

The Stratasys Objet30 Pro enables you to print with eight different materials, such as clear, high-temperature and simulated polypropylene 3D Printing Objet

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